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Wedding Day Blessings

What an amazing day! SNOW and freezing rain the days before and following, but 70 deg sunshine on their special day. Lots of prayers for this to happen.

April 8th, 2022 - At the Rugged Horizon in St. Ignatius, Montana. An amazing view for sure!! Mountins EVERYWHERE. This special couple has been praying for this day waiting on the Lord's timing. His blessings were very evident. Addie has a large extended family and wanted to make sure she encorporated as many of them as possible to celebrate with her. Jordon had his special family visiting ALL the way from Ohio.

Everyone was relaxed and enjoying the day untill the dress was on and the veil was placed. Then it was time to break out the tissues!! That's when it became real for everyone.

The ceremony was joyful with the neices and nephews making there sweet struts down the aisle. During the vows, they were walking back and forth like mini bodyguards protecting the bride and groom. haha.

The reception was very chill. And the Bride and Groom wanted it to be a speical time of laughing and loving on the two new families that were coming together because of their marriage. Mission accomplished! It was beautiful to have the Bride's two sisters and her Father part of some special music including worship songs.

I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I did in captureing them.

Father First Look. It was a tearful moment for all! This Father's last daughter to marry.

Groom's First Look. Also, very emotional for them both.

Here comes the Bride!!!

Garter time!! Where is it????

Location: Rugged Horizon - St. Ignatius, MT

Flowers: St. Char. Ro - Ronan, MT

Catering: Sweet Friends & Family


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