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Ninepipes Winter Wedding

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working with this sweet couple! Despite the weather that we woke up with, they were determined to have the best day ever. This bride specifically picked Ninepipes Lodge for her destination wedding due to the beautiful mountains in the background. It could've been very disappointing to her as she woke up to see a cloud covering on everything. The great news is, 30 minutes before bridal portraits, the clouds lifted, and we had magic mountains!

Special lockets to her bridesmaids.

His very joyful face as he turned around to see her for the first time.

We then walked outside to start portraits together.

Can this Bride look any more beautiful??? I think not!

These were her BONUS sisters. Giggles all around!

Best Man brother on the job!!

Ceremony time! Let's make it official.


Location: Ninepipes Lodge, in Charlo, Montana

**Ninepipes Lodge had incredibly helpful staff to accommodate our needs and wishes. The dinner served was so delicious! It was a beautiful experience to say the least.


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