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Logan Health Whitefish Birth

I will always remember this birth. This second-time mom delivering her beautiful baby without her husband at her side. Her husband was serving (all of us) in the military at his out-of-state base. I love the fact we have the technology. He was able to be a part of viewing the birth and encouraging her in real life time.

The nurses were amazing at making positions and helping relieve pressure points of pain.

The birth tub was quite soothing during her transition time.

Frequent position changes helped this little guy get right into position.

It was epidural time! The doctor was amazing. Explained everything to the family and had very gentle hands.

Then it was GO TIME! The Heart and Hands Team did a phenomenal job this day.


Dad caught every moment on Grandma's iPhone.

He was absolutely perfect!!

I can hear that cry right now!!

What is not shown was a typical complication following delivery. All cameras were requested to stop and it was beautiful "machine" of all the staff jumping in to stabilize this mom. Within 10 min all was well. This shot shows grandma having her first moment with holding this little guy after an emotional few moments following delivery and many years of prayers for him. Life is beautiful and rich.

There were so many more emotional and amazing shots to this day. I always want to be sensitive to these birth moms and respect privacy.

Thank you for choosing BOSS to be part of this most special and life-celebrating day.


Location: Logan Health Whitefish, in Montana


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