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Grand Entrance!

This Mom was quite impressive!! After a full day of errands and settling her 2 younger children for bed, it was "ready or not, here I come!" We had messaged earlier in the evening. She told me that nothing was going on for contractions even though she had a special body massage to help stimulate labor with reflexology pressure points. She seemed disappointed that it hadn't worked. Her due date was the next day. She was ready. But 2 hours later, she messaged me that her WATER BROKE and it was time to head to Fern Creek Midwives delivery center in Kalispell, MT!

This momma had an eventful drive up! They hit a deer on the way up, but good news...... HER mom (baby's grandma) was an EXPERT Montana driver and kept the vehicle steady. As the deer flew in the air and her car was 1/2 off in the front, SHE JUST KEPT ON GOING!! Bye Felecia!!! I personally saw the deer in the road on the way back, but passed it too quickly to snap a shot. Bummer. Haha. -- Spoiler didn't make it.

After taking a few minutes to settle down from the ride there, all was well, and it was time to focus on the baby. Baby was still in position.

It didn't take long to decide to head to the tub. Warm water to sooth muscles.

Multiple position changes really help that baby position well in the birth canal.

Intense contractions that help dilate for the baby's arrival!

Taking a break between the intensity.

Baby is just starting to show that beautiful hair!! They use a flash light and a "bent" 1/2 metal like spatula to use like a mirror. Super impressed!

This mom was fantastic at positive self-talk. "God is giving me the strength for this next contraction. Come on baby girl, let's do this!"

Last round of pushing!

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! She is here!!!

She was PERFECT!!

Second wave of contractions when the placenta has to be delivered.

Her placenta made a perfect heart shape!!

Grandma was loving her "first snuggles".

Time for the 1st diapering!! Dad did a fantastic job.

What a beautiful experience! Fern Creek Midwives were amazing. It made this nurse incredibly comfortable with the skill set they had. And the facility was incredible. Healthy baby and healthy mom.

Fern Creek Midwives

110 4th St W, Kalispell, MT 59901


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