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Double Delight!

Warning: Graphic Content

It was TWINS Day at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center - Polson Hospital

This Mama was more than ready. At 38 weeks, she had finished this journey well helping those Babies develop. After two times in the ER for early contractions, this day was a celebration for everyone.

The Babies heart rates were almost identical. A beautiful sign that both were happy for BIRTH-Day.

Last minute hello's to family that they were checked in and all was on schedule.

Dr. Bagnell does one last ultrasound so she knows EXACTLY the placement of these sweeties.

A supportive kiss for the exciting events to follow!

It takes many people to make such a great day happen. The OR had DOUBLE staff on hand to keep things smooth.

Mom says "These are the last babies!!" Say farewell to that baby bump.

BABY #1 - IT'S A GIRL - And FOREVER bragging rights of being older!! Haha.

Dad checks out his sweet little girl as the staff check her all out.

Now time to finish this Double Delight!

Baby #2 - IT'S A BOY!!!!

Oh, the miracle of our 1st breaths! We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14

What a workout for the entire staff and MOM!

Dad gets to flex his muscles to cut the cord for the final clamping. They are thick!

Time to close up! Dr. Bagnell does amazing work to get this mom back to normal.

The first time back to gather after leaving mom.

The Babies are taken back to the recovery area to get measurements and foot prints.

A few special medications to keep them on the road to health. Baby Girl is not happy about her shots!

Thank you Dr. Bagnell for all your great work!

Now back to the Hospital room to try and rest.

Dad was enjoying a sweet moment with his precious daughter.


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